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Week's Special JetFish Premium Clasicc Boilie 700g 20mm JetFish Premium Clasicc Boilie 700g 20mm Art.No.: JF200300*
Highly efficient and affordable boilie that is suitable for both fast catching and massive feeding. This boilie is built on a 50/50 basis, complemented by a bird's food and enriched with flavor stimulators and our exclusive essence.
99,00 Kč*
Week's Special Black Cat Cat Clogs Black Cat Cat Clogs Art.No.: BC931004*
519,00 Kč*
Week's Special Balsax RXR Kameleon 1000m Balsax RXR Kameleon 1000m Art.No.: BRXR1000**
499,00 Kč*
Our Bargain! As long as supply lasts  Daiwa Freams Daiwa Freams Art.No.: 10417-***
With the Freams A the DAIWA engineers succeeded in integrating the innovative Mag Sealed technology in a cheap price range.
3.417,60 Kč*
Long-running Hits
Sema Cartel Boat Carp Sema Cartel Boat Carp Art.No.: 1631***ES
Directed fishing for big fish from boats is becoming increasingly popular. This is understandable, because not all parts of coastal vegetation allow to handling with fishing rod.
from 1.399,00 Kč*
Holdall Suretti 3 Holdall Suretti 3 Art.No.: 9444***
from 1.109,00 Kč*
Zfish Diablo MF Bedchair 8-Leg Zfish Diablo MF Bedchair 8-Leg Art.No.: ZF-2729
3.790,00 Kč*
Just arrived!
NGT XPR Multi-Pocket Carryall NGT XPR Multi-Pocket Carryall Art.No.: FLA-CARRYALL-XPR
889,00 Kč*
NGT XPR Multi-Pocket Carryall Camo NGT XPR Multi-Pocket Carryall Camo Art.No.: FLA-CARRYALL-XPR-CAM
899,00 Kč*
NGT QuickFish Green Carryall NGT QuickFish Green Carryall Art.No.: FLA-CARRYALL-QUICKFISH
469,00 Kč*
NGT Green Insulated Carryall NGT Green Insulated Carryall Art.No.: FLA-CARRYALL-709
579,00 Kč*
Versus VS 506 Fly Versus VS 506 Fly Art.No.: VS050600
88,00 Kč*
Versus VS 706 Lure Versus VS 706 Lure Art.No.: VS070600
88,00 Kč*
Versus Tackle Box VS-7030 Versus Tackle Box VS-7030 Art.No.: VS703000
670,00 Kč*
Versus Tackle Box VS-7040 Versus Tackle Box VS-7040 Art.No.: VS704000
893,00 Kč*
JetFish Premium Clasicc Booster JetFish Premium Clasicc Booster Art.No.: JF200320*
169,00 Kč*
JetFish Premium Clasicc Dip JetFish Premium Clasicc Dip Art.No.: JF200330*
149,00 Kč*
JetFish Premium Clasicc Dough 250g JetFish Premium Clasicc Dough 250g Art.No.: JF200240*
119,00 Kč*
Trout Rods Trout Master Trout Explorer Trout Master Trout Explorer Art.No.: 2824-2*7
Especially for the trout fishing with small lures or a light setup with float, which requires a supple and parabolic rod action, SPRO developed this competitively priced, quality ratio carbon rod series.
from 979,00 Kč*
Leader Material Sema Carp braiD Invisible 20m Sema Carp braiD Invisible 20m Art.No.: 24260*5ES
229,00 Kč*
Trout Lures Magic Trout Bait Garlic Magic Trout Bait Garlic Art.No.: Q398300* New
139,00 Kč*
Sinking Boilies Mikbaits Spiceman Boilie 1kg Mikbaits Spiceman Boilie 1kg Art.No.: SPI-**
350,00 Kč*