Week's Special Daiwa Ballistic EX Daiwa Ballistic EX Art.No.: 10418-**0
We are sure, that the Ballistic EX-H spinning reel will cut a dash.
from 4.635,20 Kč*
Week's Special Daiwa Caldia Daiwa Caldia Art.No.: 10412-***
from 4.905,60 Kč*
Week's Special Daiwa Caldia SHA Daiwa Caldia SHA Art.No.: 10408-5**
5.511,20 Kč*
Our Bargain! As long as supply lasts  Prologic SNZ Bite Alarm Kit 3+1 Prologic SNZ Bite Alarm Kit 3+1 Art.No.: 53841
The new SNZ have all the feature needed from modern carp angler : tone, volume, sensitivity adjustment and a wide but subtle night light with three different set up.
Reduced from 4.999,00 Kč (Our normal price.)
now only 3.999,00 Kč*
Long-running Hits
DAM EFFZETT Standard Gold DAM EFFZETT Standard Gold Art.No.: D512020*
Our standard spinners in sizes 1, 2 and 3 are for trout, perch and chub, in sizes 4 and 5 for zander, pike and salmon.
from 50,00 Kč*
Suretti Balance M Chair Suretti Balance M Chair Art.No.: 6152005ES
399,00 Kč*
Sweetcorn CS 3kg Sweetcorn CS 3kg Art.No.: 0457*
129,00 Kč*
Just arrived!
 Art.No.: KS**0
from 60,00 Kč*
Catfish Subfloat PS Catfish Subfloat PS Art.No.: PS*0Z
from 57,00 Kč*
Balsax Reventon 300m Balsax Reventon 300m Art.No.: BREV3000**
269,00 Kč*
Balsax Nano Green 300m Balsax Nano Green 300m Art.No.: BNAG300**
152,00 Kč*
Fluo Extrude 80ml Fluo Extrude 80ml Art.No.: KP-1228**
44,00 Kč*
Extra Extrudes wrapped 250ml Extra Extrudes wrapped 250ml Art.No.: EEO***
65,00 Kč*
Floating softened pellets 12mm Floating softened pellets 12mm Art.No.: KP-PMP-***
79,00 Kč*
NGT Unhooking Mat 100x60x1cm NGT Unhooking Mat 100x60x1cm Art.No.: FU-MAT-QUICKFISH
199,00 Kč*
NGT PVA Refill 7m NGT PVA Refill 7m Art.No.: FPVA-REFILL-*-7M
193,00 Kč*
Feeder Rods Sema Z-Force Feeder Medium Sema Z-Force Feeder Medium Art.No.: 13913*0ES
Z-Force Feeder rods have universal use thanks to the 70g action. This rod range can be used for medium-length casting in still water or running water.
from 1.399,00 Kč*
Carp Hookbaits Roll Boilies 14mm Roll Boilies 14mm Art.No.: CHY38-***
74,00 Kč*
Sinking Boilies Boilies Boss2 20mm 1kg Boilies Boss2 20mm 1kg Art.No.: 1881-20-***
199,00 Kč*
Groundbait Lorpio Megamix 3kg Lorpio Megamix 3kg Art.No.: ZA-LO093*
129,00 Kč*
Trebles Owner Stinger Treble ST-66TN Owner Stinger Treble ST-66TN Art.No.: 5666-**9
354,00 Kč*