Week's Special Daiwa Oceano A Daiwa Oceano A Art.No.: 10803-4**
The DAIWA Oceano is the perfect reel for light to medium jigging in the Baltic Sea as well as in Norway.
2.286,20 Kč*
Week's Special Berkley Power Nymph 2.5cm Berkley Power Nymph 2.5cm Art.No.: 1307572**
159,00 Kč*
Week's Special Strategy Nero Carp Strategy Nero Carp Art.No.: 28453**
1.973,40 Kč*
Our Bargain! As long as supply lasts  Cormoran Astro-Thermo Winter Suit Cormoran Astro-Thermo Winter Suit Art.No.: 91-051*5
Affordable two-piece overall made of padded 100% waterproof 190T polyamide.
Special Offer
Reduced from 2.989,00 Kč (Our normal price.)
now only 1.999,00 Kč*
Long-running Hits
Holdall Suretti 3 Holdall Suretti 3 Art.No.: 9444***
Quality, dimensional, solid and waterproof container pole with three chambers.
from 1.049,00 Kč*
Daiwa Tournament FC Daiwa Tournament FC Art.No.: 12955-0**
361,00 Kč*
Just arrived!
JRC Contact Carp Rod JRC Contact Carp Rod Art.No.: J14044**
from 1.119,00 Kč*
JRC Contact LR Carp Rod JRC Contact LR Carp Rod Art.No.: J140446*
from 1.199,00 Kč*
JRC Contact Tele Carp JRC Contact Tele Carp Art.No.: J1404465*
from 1.199,00 Kč*
Berkley Pro Spec Saltwater Mono Red 300m Berkley Pro Spec Saltwater Mono Red 300m Art.No.: 1476542** New
179,00 Kč*
Berkley Pro Spec Saltwater Mono Yellow 300m Berkley Pro Spec Saltwater Mono Yellow 300m Art.No.: 1476516** New
179,00 Kč*
Konger Nordic A Konger Nordic A Art.No.: 199592001*
from 159,00 Kč*
Konger Iceman A Konger Iceman A Art.No.: 199700001*
159,00 Kč*
Ice fishing Rod Stand Konger Ice fishing Rod Stand Konger Art.No.: 700004019
140,00 Kč*
Okuma Axeon Baitfeeder Okuma Axeon Baitfeeder Art.No.: AXB-56* New
2.199,00 Kč*
Okuma Classic CLX 300LXa Okuma Classic CLX 300LXa Art.No.: 49686
1.499,00 Kč*
Universal Lines Balsax Reventon 300m Balsax Reventon 300m Art.No.: BREV3000**
Reventon No.1 PREMIUM is a sinking line of transparent color. It features solid and reliable knots, straight structure, smooth surface and practically zero memory.
269,00 Kč*
Rod Holdalls Holdall Suretti 2 Holdall Suretti 2 Art.No.: 9443***
from 889,00 Kč*
Spinning Rods Quantum Shotgun III Quantum Shotgun III Art.No.: Q19102**
2.183,40 Kč*
Headlamps & Lighting Petzl Tactikka Hybrid Headlamp Petzl Tactikka Hybrid Headlamp Art.No.: E93AC*
799,00 Kč*