Week's Special Okuma Inception 6000 Okuma Inception 6000 Art.No.: 60706
Compact reel with aluminum casting spool for all carp fishing with three bearings and one needle bearing for instant anti-reverse.
1.899,00 Kč*
Week's Special JRC Contact Carp Rod JRC Contact Carp Rod Art.No.: J14044**
from 1.119,00 Kč*
Week's Special Traper Method Feeder Groundbait 750g Traper Method Feeder Groundbait 750g Art.No.: TR00156*
59,00 Kč*
Our Bargain! As long as supply lasts  Cormoran Astro-Thermo Winter Suit Cormoran Astro-Thermo Winter Suit Art.No.: 91-051*5
Affordable two-piece overall made of padded 100% waterproof 190T polyamide.
Special Offer
Reduced from 2.989,00 Kč (Our normal price.)
now only 1.999,00 Kč*
Long-running Hits
Spro Trout Master Camola 3.5cm Spro Trout Master Camola 3.5cm Art.No.: 4916-201-9*
This sinking trout lure is the perfect imitation of a natural bee larvae or mummy. It features a super rolling action, attracting even the most prudent trout.
104,00 Kč*
Megacarp Groundbait 3kg Megacarp Groundbait 3kg Art.No.: CSV-91**-3
129,00 Kč*
Sema Excel Line Carp 600m Sema Excel Line Carp 600m Art.No.: 20063**ES
from 99,00 Kč*
Just arrived!
CRESTA Solith WX 5500 CRESTA Solith WX 5500 Art.No.: 1332-550
2.185,00 Kč*
Traper Special Groundbait 2.5kg Traper Special Groundbait 2.5kg Art.No.: TR00042*
117,00 Kč*
Traper Groundbait 2.5kg Traper Groundbait 2.5kg Art.No.: TR00061*
102,00 Kč*
Traper Giant Lake 2.5kg Traper Giant Lake 2.5kg Art.No.: TR00145*
125,00 Kč*
Traper Giant River 2.5kg Traper Giant River 2.5kg Art.No.: TR00146*
125,00 Kč*
Traper Big Carp Groundbait 2.5kg Traper Big Carp Groundbait 2.5kg Art.No.: TR00090*
138,00 Kč*
 Art.No.: TR00075*
99,00 Kč*
Traper Groundbait Carp Family Fish 5kg Traper Groundbait Carp Family Fish 5kg Art.No.: TR00077*
189,00 Kč*
Daiwa Black Widow Carp Daiwa Black Widow Carp Art.No.: 11579-3** New
from 1.534,00 Kč*
Zebco Atac Feeder Zebco Atac Feeder Art.No.: Z14833*0
from 899,00 Kč*
Zebco Atac Tele Feeder Zebco Atac Tele Feeder Art.No.: Z1484**1
from 689,00 Kč*
Spinning Rods Quantum Shotgun III Quantum Shotgun III Art.No.: Q19102**
The popular Shotgun series enters its third generation. In the Crypton Shotgun III, Quantum presents a completely revised rod series fitted with Seaguide anti-wind loop rings.
2.183,40 Kč*
Carp Weight Torpedo with Eye and Swivel Torpedo with Eye and Swivel Art.No.: 72398*0
from 19,00 Kč*
Groundbait Carp Servis Groundbait 1kg Carp Servis Groundbait 1kg Art.No.: CSV-29**-1
49,00 Kč*
Feeder Rods CRESTA Snyper Medium Feeder CRESTA Snyper Medium Feeder Art.No.: 2472-MED New
from 1.549,00 Kč*
End Feeders Square Feeder Open Square Feeder Open Art.No.: CSV1096*
from 26,00 Kč*