Week's Special Okuma 8K FD Okuma 8K FD Art.No.: 57739
Okuma brand new concept of long casting spinning reel in 2018, 8K, not only remains Okuma's patent designs such as rotor brake system, rotor with brush guards, quick-set anti-reverse system...... but also upgrades all functions and parts.
2.599,00 Kč*
Week's Special Zfish Diablo MF Bedchair 8-Leg Zfish Diablo MF Bedchair 8-Leg Art.No.: ZF-2729
3.790,00 Kč*
Week's Special Traper Method Feeder Groundbait 750g Traper Method Feeder Groundbait 750g Art.No.: TR00156*
59,00 Kč*
Our Bargain! As long as supply lasts  Daiwa Whisker DF Carp Daiwa Whisker DF Carp Art.No.: WDFC23**-AU
Benefitting from the development and design pedigree of the amazing Infinity DF and Longbow DF ranges these ‘UK made’ Whisker models truly are a breakthrough in rod design.
from 3.830,40 Kč*
Long-running Hits
NGT Unhooking Mat 100x60x1cm NGT Unhooking Mat 100x60x1cm Art.No.: FU-MAT-QUICKFISH
199,00 Kč*
Gamakatsu G-Carp Hump Back Gamakatsu G-Carp Hump Back Art.No.: 185030-00*00
136,00 Kč*
Black Cat Marker Buoy Black Cat Marker Buoy Art.No.: 5570002
532,00 Kč*
Just arrived!
Sema Balance RD Sema Balance RD Art.No.: 03202*0ES
from 399,00 Kč*
Sema Therapy RD5 Sema Therapy RD5 Art.No.: 03305*0ES
from 699,00 Kč*
Sema Emotion TS BCS Sema Emotion TS BCS Art.No.: 05507*0ES New
from 1.349,00 Kč*
Sema Therapy Tele Carp Sema Therapy Tele Carp Art.No.: 152036*ES
from 1.399,00 Kč*
Suretti Hooked Snap Suretti Hooked Snap Art.No.: 41010**ES
from 11,00 Kč*
Barrel Swivel Suretti Barrel Swivel Suretti Art.No.: 42010**ES
from 11,00 Kč*
Suretti Barrel Swivel with Interlock Snap Suretti Barrel Swivel with Interlock Snap Art.No.: 43010**ES
from 21,00 Kč*
Suretti Balance M Seat Suretti Balance M Seat Art.No.: 6151015ES
299,00 Kč*
Catfish Rods MADCAT Black Heavy Duty MADCAT Black Heavy Duty Art.No.: MAD-55849*
Series of three strong catfish rods with a casting weight of 200-300 gram. Ideal for buoy fishing or bottom fishing in one of our (big, fast running) European rivers.
from 1.179,00 Kč*
Shads Daiwa Duckfin Liveshad Live Roach Daiwa Duckfin Liveshad Live Roach Art.No.: 16705-*08
403,00 Kč*
Predator Floats Catfish In-line Sound Float Catfish In-line Sound Float Art.No.: KS**0Z
from 75,00 Kč*
Groundbait StarFish Weekend 6kg StarFish Weekend 6kg Art.No.: 1846**
199,00 Kč*
Universal Lines Balsax Tarantula Balsax Tarantula Art.No.: BTAR100**
87,00 Kč*