Week's Special Cormoran Chest Waders Cormoran Chest Waders Art.No.: 95-0744*
Superior quality, super lightweight chest waders. Delivered with chest bag to store all neccessary accessories.
Reduced from 1.889,00 Kč (Our normal price.)
now only 1.399,00 Kč*
Week's Special Deeper Fishfinder Pro Deeper Fishfinder Pro Art.No.: JI0211
4.989,00 Kč*
Week's Special DAM XTHERM Winter Suit DAM XTHERM Winter Suit Art.No.: D6012* New
3.169,00 Kč*
Our Bargain! As long as supply lasts  Daiwa Whisker DF Carp Daiwa Whisker DF Carp Art.No.: WDFC23**-AU
Benefitting from the development and design pedigree of the amazing Infinity DF and Longbow DF ranges these ‘UK made’ Whisker models truly are a breakthrough in rod design.
from 3.830,40 Kč*
Long-running Hits
Cormoran ASTRO-THERMO Laced Boots 9177 Cormoran ASTRO-THERMO Laced Boots 9177 Art.No.: 91-770**
1.499,00 Kč*
Gamakatsu G-Carp Hump Back Gamakatsu G-Carp Hump Back Art.No.: 185030-00*00
136,00 Kč*
Repkáč Repkáč Art.No.: 061474**
59,00 Kč*
Just arrived!
MADCAT Inline Rattler MADCAT Inline Rattler Art.No.: 51856-0*
from 314,00 Kč*
DAM Quick 5 SLS FD DAM Quick 5 SLS FD Art.No.: D5695* New
from 2.749,00 Kč*
DAM Quick Sinistar Baitcast LH DAM Quick Sinistar Baitcast LH Art.No.: 1739530
2.499,00 Kč*
EFFZETT Nova Spin EFFZETT Nova Spin Art.No.: D52745*
from 1.159,00 Kč*
from 909,00 Kč*
Major Craft Solpara Eging Major Craft Solpara Eging Art.No.: SPS-EGING
from 2.650,00 Kč*
Major Craft Solpara Light Major Craft Solpara Light Art.No.: SPS-LIGHT
from 2.480,00 Kč*
Major Craft Trapara Native Major Craft Trapara Native Art.No.: TPS-NATIVE New
from 2.480,00 Kč*
Major Craft Firstcast Seabass Major Craft Firstcast Seabass Art.No.: FCS-SEABASS New
from 1.970,00 Kč*
Deeper Start Fishfinder Deeper Start Fishfinder Art.No.: JI0655
3.989,00 Kč*
Sleeping Bags Prologic Thermo Armour 3S Sleeping Bag Standard 80x210cm Prologic Thermo Armour 3S Sleeping Bag Standard 80x210cm Art.No.: 54451
Lightweight and multi purpose, this comfortable and warm three season sleeping bag is designed to cope with all the weather conditions from March to September. Size: 80cm x 210cm
2.199,00 Kč*
Groundbait Lorpio Megamix 3kg Lorpio Megamix 3kg Art.No.: ZA-LO093*
129,00 Kč*
Rod Holdalls Holdall Suretti 2 Holdall Suretti 2 Art.No.: 9443***
from 929,00 Kč*
Catfish Reels MADCAT Green Heavy Duty MADCAT Green Heavy Duty Art.No.: MAD-55835*
from 1.459,00 Kč*
Universal Lines Balsax Iguana Balsax Iguana Art.No.: BIGU100**
from 87,00 Kč*
Feeder Accessories CRESTA Rolling Swivel Diamond Eyes CRESTA Rolling Swivel Diamond Eyes Art.No.: CR4723-10*
49,00 Kč*