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    Avid Carp Lok Down Compact Pod

    Avid Carp Lok Down Compact Pod

    The Lok Down Compact Pod has been designed to pack away small and near, yet still have optimal adjustability. Featruing an adjutable main bar and fold out compact legs, the pod can be used on any bank, from platforms, staging and hard ground.
    919,30 lei 873,40 lei
    Avid Carp Lok Down Low Pod

    Avid Carp Lok Down Low Pod

    The Lok Down Low pod is perfect for the angler that that travels light. The lightweight design sits super low to the ground and can be set up in quickly. When folded down, the Lok Down Low pod is small enough to fit in most Carryalls and Rucksacks.
    619,50 lei 588,50 lei
    NGT Stojan Slider Pod 3 Rods

    NGT Slider Pod 3 Rods

    The English brand NGT comes with a new model of a very variable and stable stand that can be adapted in any terrain. This small and very successful stand will be appreciated especially by fans of the UK style of fishing.
    317,80 lei 302,00 lei
    Stojan Cormoran 3-Rest Rod Pod

    Cormoran 3-Rest Rod Pod Model 81004

    The 3-rest Rod Pod model 81004 is a very lightweight and solid pod, which can be installed quickly and is excelled by its high toughness. Due to the variable legs and feet, it adapts easily to different ground and is perfectly fitting all rod lengths.
    299,70 lei 284,70 lei
    Stojan Cormoran Gun Pod Model 81002

    Cormoran Gun Pod Model 81002

    The Gun Pod model 81002 with 3 rod rests is more than a beginner’s version for pricesensitive carp anglers – due to its design, quality and equipment, it is a real alternative for advanced, quality-sensitive anglers.
    299,70 lei 284,70 lei
    Picture of Stojan Cormoran Pro Carp Gun Pod

    Stojan Cormoran Pro Carp Gun Pod

    Sofistikovaný Pro Carp Gun Pod je navržen pro použití se 3 pruty. Teleskopické nožky poskytují stabilní základnu i na nerovném povrchu.
    539,50 lei 512,60 lei
    Stojan Cormoran Rod & High Pod

    Cormoran Rod & High Pod Model 81003

    Choose your option: either use the Rod & High pod as classical rod pod with 4 adjustable feet of equal length or as a modern, very variable pod featuring feet with different lengths at the front and the back.
    399,60 lei 379,60 lei
    Daiwa D-Pod

    Daiwa D-Pod with Storm Poles and Buzzer

    The DAIWA D-Pod is another highlight for carp anglers, who search for something special. Completely made of premium aluminum and then coated black – this pod is hardly visible from the distance.
    1.199,20 lei 1.139,20 lei
    Stojan JRC Cocoon Quad-Pod 3 pruty

    JRC Cocoon Quad Pod 3 Rods

    No matter if you are fishing uneven ground or wooden platforms, with its 4 fully adjustable legs this rod pod offers rock solid support on any surface.
    787,40 lei 748,00 lei
    Stojan JRC Contact Pod

    JRC Contact Pod

    A great pod for the recreational angler that offers the stability you need in any common situation.
    471,60 lei 448,00 lei
    Stojan na pruty Zebco Z-Carp Rodpod

    Zebco Z-Carp™ Rodpod

    The ZCarp Rodpod is a simple, lightweight rod pod with small packing dimensions. Suitable for novices and pros alike.
    135,90 lei 129,10 lei
    Picture of Stojan Zfish Rod Pod Classic 3 Rods

    Stojan Zfish Rod Pod Classic 3 Rods

    Značka Zfish představuje stojan na tři pruty, který nabízí širokou škálu nastavení a využití.
    259,70 lei 246,70 lei
    Stojan Zfish Rod Pod Compact 3 Rods

    Stojan Zfish Rod Pod Compact 3 Rods

    Rod Pod Compact představuje velmi kompaktní, stabilní, lehký a zároveň spolehlivý stojan. Jeho design a černá povrchová úprava je taktéž velmi povedená. Díky výsuvným nohám a tělu dosáhnete u stojanu požadované výšky a délky. Nohy lze nastavit až do tří různých poloh.
    239,70 lei 227,70 lei
    Stojan Zfish Tripod Select 3 Rods

    Stojan Zfish Tripod Select 3 Rods

    Zfish Tripod Select 3 Rods představuje velmi kvalitní a stabilní tripod s širokou škálou nastavení za velmi příznivou cenu.
    477,80 lei 453,90 lei
    JRC Cocoon Pod

    JRC Cocoon Pod 3 Rods

    The Cocoon Pod is a featherweight, robust, and easy-to-transport rod pod that is adjustable in both length and height.
    719,40 lei 683,50 lei
    JRC Extreme TX Pod

    JRC Extreme TX Pod 3 Rods

    Probably the most versatile pod in the range, the Extreme TX Pod can be used in any fishing condition. Adjustable in length, height and various leg angles, the Extreme TX pod adapts to any surface.
    879,40 lei 835,40 lei
    Picture of Stojan Daiwa Infinity Boat Rod Pod

    Stojan Daiwa Infinity Boat Rod Pod

    Kvalitní přenosný stojan na pruty vhodný na člun zhotovený z nerezové oceli. Na tomto INFINITY Boat pod můžete mít 3 pruty s elektronickými signalizátory. INFINITY Boat Pod může být nainstalován také na sedadlo, ponton a podobně.
    1.159,20 lei 1.101,30 lei