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Surf Reels

Surf fishing reels are designed specifically for the beach so you can cast far into the gutters where the fish are.

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PENN Pursuit III Spinning PENN Pursuit III Spinning Art.No.: PURIII*000
from 1.689,00 Kč*
PENN Slammer III Spinning PENN Slammer III Spinning Art.No.: SLAIII**00
4.690,00 Kč*
PENN Sargus II Spinning PENN Sargus II Spinning Art.No.: SGII*000
from 2.699,00 Kč*
PENN Battle II Spinning PENN Battle II Spinning Art.No.: BTLII*000
from 3.099,00 Kč*
PENN Spinfisher VI Spinning PENN Spinfisher VI Spinning Art.No.: SSVI*500
from 3.250,00 Kč*
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