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Saltwater Reels

For use in saltwater you need a robust and durable fishing reels, usually with aluminum gears, aluminum spools and resistant to salt water features, such as ball bearings and rollerbearing. This powerhouse contains everything you need to catch the fish of your dreams. Regardless if GT, amberjack or doggy in the tropics or halibut and coalfish in the Nordic Sea.

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Fin-Nor Lethal LT Fin-Nor Lethal LT Art.No.: F06240*0
from 3.273,00 Kč*
Daiwa BG Daiwa BG Art.No.: 10460-**0 New
from 3.718,00 Kč*
PENN Affinity II LC Black 8000 PENN Affinity II LC Black 8000 Art.No.: 1404623
3.699,00 Kč*
Daiwa Certate '16 Daiwa Certate '16 Art.No.: 10407-7** New
11.381,00 Kč*
Penn Fierce II Penn Fierce II Art.No.: P120611212-25*
from 2.939,00 Kč*
Spro Salt’X Boat & Surf Spro Salt’X Boat & Surf Art.No.: 1129-3*2
1.099,00 Kč*
Fin-Nor Megalite Fin-Nor Megalite Art.No.: F03460*0 New
from 1.762,00 Kč*
SPRO Soraia SPRO Soraia Art.No.: 1080-5**
1.594,00 Kč*
Fin-Nor Offshore Spinning Fin-Nor Offshore Spinning Art.No.: F06270*0
from 4.986,00 Kč*
Daiwa Oceano A Daiwa Oceano A Art.No.: 10803-4**
2.286,20 Kč*
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