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Free Spool Reels & Baitrunner Reels

A free spool, or ‘Baitrunner’, carp reel is a reel which features a secondary drag system which can be switched on or off. With the freespool in the ‘off’ position the reel acts as a normal rear drag reel, but in the ‘on’ position, a secondary drag is engaged which allows the spool to run freely when a fish takes the bait. On lifting the rod and striking, the secondary drag disengages and you then play the fish on the normal rear drag system.

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Okuma Longbow XT Baitfeeder Okuma Longbow XT Baitfeeder Art.No.: LBXT-6** New
from 1.499,00 Kč*
DAM Quick Camaro FS DAM Quick Camaro FS Art.No.: 1176.6*0
from 1.278,00 Kč*
DAM Quick SLS 570 FS DAM Quick SLS 570 FS Art.No.: 1349570
3.499,00 Kč*
Spro Octan LCS Spro Octan LCS Art.No.: 1216-0*0
from 1.220,00 Kč*
Daiwa CAST'IZM BR 25A Daiwa CAST'IZM BR 25A Art.No.: 10925-025
9.092,00 Kč*
Sema Emotion TS BCS Sema Emotion TS BCS Art.No.: 05507*0ES New
from 1.349,00 Kč*
SPRO Black Free LCS SPRO Black Free LCS Art.No.: 1223-555* New
from 1.799,00 Kč*
Spro Necton LCS Spro Necton LCS Art.No.: 1216-5*0
899,00 Kč*
Daiwa Black Widow BR Daiwa Black Widow BR Art.No.: 10153-**0
2.990,00 Kč*
Daiwa Emblem BR 25A Daiwa Emblem BR 25A Art.No.: 10928-025
5.655,00 Kč*
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