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Loyalty Program

Dear customers,

We have prepared the following discount program:


You get it automatically after the first purchase in our e-shop "". After logging in to the e-shop prices automatically reduced about 5% (customer already sees prices reduced by the applicable discount).

Without logging can not claim loyalty discount !!


Quantity discounts receives every customer regardless of registration.

  • Quantity discount 1% for purchases over 2.000 CZK
  • Quantity discount 2% for purchases over 3,000 CZK
  • Quantity discount 3% for purchases over 5,000 CZK
  • Quantity discount 4% for purchases over 7.000 CZK
  • Quantity discount 5% for purchases over 10.000 CZK

Corresponding to the quantity discount is always displayed in the shopping cart. Quantity discounts are not cumulative.

If you own BONUS COUPON, you can also be applied and its value will be added beyond this coupon. If you have any questions, please contact us.

* NOTE: Customer discounts do not apply to some special goods, eg. On goods in events, sale, or goods which are specially priced. This fact will be notified in the cart (symbol **).

Free Shipping for EU zone on purchases over 10,000 CZK
(about 430 EUR or about 555 USD)