Strategy Pop-Ups Boilie

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Strategy Pop-Ups Boilie 20mm The Cellution Strategy Pop-Ups Boilie 20mm The Cellution Art.No.: 8960-108  
239,00 Kč*
Strategy Pop-Ups Boilie

All Strategy Baits Pop-ups are completely aligned with the Dips and Boilies. In the Pop-ups we chose to add a double dose of flavors and attractors. For example, the pop-ups will flavour longer underwater so they work even better. Pop-ups are available in 12 and 20 mm. The Pop-ups are available as fluor version but also in the same color as the boilies. The 12 mm Pop-ups are perfect to use to make your hookbait stand out from the rest and to make it more, for example through a Snowman presentation.

Of course, the pop-ups are also suitable on a Chod rig, or just as a single hookbait. An additional advantage is that the pop-ups maintain their buoyancy even when you modify the shape or even cut them in half. So you can balance your hookbait perfectly for example by cutting a 20mm pop-up in half and adding half a sinking bait on top. Be creative and experiment away!

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