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Art.No.: 896500* Product number: 8716851247052
Strategy Baits Manufacturer: Strategy Baits
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 Pink Peach Pink Peach Art.No.: 008965-00006  
209,00 Kč*
 The Cellution The Cellution Art.No.: 8965-008  
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 Art.No.: 008965-00005  
209,00 Kč*

Strategy Baits Soaks & Dips

The Strategy Baits Dip & Soak is a versatile product. The flavors used to make these dips are exactly the same as for the Boilies and Pop-ups, making them a perfect match. The Dip is sticky and thick so that it adheres to the bait and does not come off directly after casting. 

Unique to this Dip & Soak is that it distributes its flavors both horizontally and vertically underwater so as to attract fish from all water. By leaving boilies for a long time to “soak” in the Dip, the attractors and flavors enter deeper and give you an even more attractive bait.

Available in 8 flavors and a bottle contains 150ml liquid.

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