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Rear Drag Reels

A wide selection of quality fishing reels with rear drag for universal use. Great choice of sizes and brands for all fishermen.

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Spro Boxxer Spin RD Spro Boxxer Spin RD Art.No.: 1002-1*2
from 344,00 Kč*
SPRO Spartan Spin RD SPRO Spartan Spin RD Art.No.: 1324-*00RD
from 329,00 Kč*
Spro Necton CRX Red Spro Necton CRX Red Art.No.: 1173-2*2
from 359,00 Kč*
Okuma Carbonite 1 Okuma Carbonite 1 Art.No.: OKU-CBR2**
from 799,00 Kč*
Sema Balance RD Sema Balance RD Art.No.: 03202*0ES
from 399,00 Kč*
DAM Quick Fighter Pro RD DAM Quick Fighter Pro RD Art.No.: DAM-56672* New
from 299,00 Kč*
Sema Therapy RD5 Sema Therapy RD5 Art.No.: 03305*0ES
from 699,00 Kč*
SPRO Sporter RD SPRO Sporter RD Art.No.: 1215-4*1
from 869,00 Kč*
Spro Necton ATX Green Spro Necton ATX Green Art.No.: 1173-2*3
from 499,00 Kč*
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