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Vacuum Bags Zebco Long 6L

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Vacuum Bags Zebco Long 6L


In conjunction with Cofresco (Toppits, Albal), Zebco presents the Zebco Vacuum System, exclusively for the fishing tackle market. The range comprises of three different-sized Zip- Loc bags that can be vacuumed. Air is extracted from the bag without the need for expensive special equipment that often requires an electrical connection, and the vacuum is maintained without welding the bag. Every bag is fitted with a patented valve in one corner to which the ergonomic hand pump is attached. Once the bag is filled, the air is removed by a few strokes of the pump. Besides the user-friendliness, the bag’s re-usability gives it a massive advantage over standard vacuum products. Suitable for freezing fish as well as keeping boilies fresh for significantly longer without freezing. Items that need to be kept dry, such as fishing licences, can also be vacuumed packed in an instant. Available in three bag sizes: 1 L, 3 L and, exclusively from Zebco, the 6 L long bag, suitable for small to medium-sized filets sized 22 x 65 cm. Available in a self-service pack, each containing 5 bags.

  • 8063 999 Zebco Vakuum Pumpe + 1L Bag
  • 8063 001 Bag "S" 1L 19.5 x 22 cm,  5 bags
  • 8063 002 Bag "XL" 3L 30 x 35 cm,  5 bags
  • 8063 003 Bag "Long" 6L 22 x 65 cm,  3 bags
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