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(9) Since 1933, Fin-Nor has built world-class tackle to meet the demands of the most experienced anglers in the world. More Than 380 I.G.F.A. World Records.
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Fin-Nor Sportfisher Trolling Star Drag Fin-Nor Sportfisher Trolling Star Drag Art.No.: F06030*0
3.780,00 Kč*
Fin-Nor Lethal LT Fin-Nor Lethal LT Art.No.: F06240*0
from 3.273,00 Kč*
Fin-Nor Offshore Hard Work Fin-Nor Offshore Hard Work Art.No.: F17822*0
2.475,00 Kč*
Fin-Nor Tidal Seacaster Fin-Nor Tidal Seacaster Art.No.: 130042*0
from 1.914,40 Kč*
Fin-Nor Tidal Deep Seacaster Fin-Nor Tidal Deep Seacaster Art.No.: 130022*0
1.914,40 Kč*
Fin-Nor Tidal Baycaster Fin-Nor Tidal Baycaster Art.No.: 130032*0
1.584,00 Kč*
Fin-Nor Tidal Deep Sea Lifter Fin-Nor Tidal Deep Sea Lifter Art.No.: 130052*0
2.618,40 Kč*
Fin-Nor Megalite Fin-Nor Megalite Art.No.: F03460*0 New
from 1.762,00 Kč*
Fin-Nor Offshore Spinning Fin-Nor Offshore Spinning Art.No.: F06270*0
from 4.986,00 Kč*
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