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Chimera Green Boilie 250g 20mm

Art.Nr.: BCHG20/250 Produkt-Nummer: 8594160515044
Chimera GREEN enthält neuen Geschmack Stimulator, extrahieren und kombinieren die Essenz der Pflaume + Knoblauch.
Chytil Hersteller: Chytil
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Chimera Green Boilie 250g 20mm
New this year is a variant of boilies "ready-mades" containing stabilizers friendly (with no aftertaste or smell that would repel fish) while the composition and performance equal to the frozen high-quality boilies. Suitable for all fishermen, who can not keep boilies in the freezer or somewhere dry. Packed in a practical carrying bag with zip closure. Suitable for short walks, but also for long-term feeding.
  • Packing: 250 g
  • Diameter: 16 mm, 20 mm
And what do the "Chimera" anyway? 

Before you create something new, you need to try and understand how and why it works the original recipe with a combination of other factors. This also applies to the production of boilies ... years, we have blended mixture of boilies, rolled down "freezers" until some of them proved to be a great, unique and still brings fishermen catch repeated.
Now imagine that after twelve years have 4-5 great mixtures containing dozens of ingredients and liquid ingredients. How to deal with them ... further multiply the success of the new boilies unless intermeshed 2 best mix between them?
In addition you have additional new extracts and essences ...? Yes, unconventional mixing procedure can guarantee success. But how to meet the fishermen, when one wants to catch big carp on large surfaces and the second on fish size does not matter, but they want to have as many shots in a short time?
Therefore, in our company, a new boilies the same name, but in two versions. We were inspired by the mythology, the Chimera is the right name for the new boilies. In ancient Greek myths Chimera had one body and two heads ... Chimera grabbed by a single name, but the resulting boilies is either selective titled RED or GREEN productive called.
Chimera RED contains fishmeal Red Robin + Aminokomplex Squid + few drops of essential oil of black pepper. Conversely, Chimera GREEN contains new taste stimulator, extract and combine the essence of plum + garlic.
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